Advanced Map Making Kit (V.1)

Ok this is some map making kit model I’m gonna make.

It’s a map kit containing all the stuff that was recently added (for example, group buttons)

Advanced Map Model Link: https://www.roblox.com/library/5211731064/Advanced-Map-Making-Kit

Model Updates

Advanced Map Making Kit was made, which includes more stuff than the regular map kit.

So please suggest me stuff.

Why make a post when you don’t have anything

Different Button Functions on every button

wdym by that

and i have no idea except for eventscript

btn funcs in script like: moving lava or objects by pushing a button
set collide false but visibility true etc.

buff it


The only way that can work is only a script.

So uhh the advanced map making kit model has been released.

Contains stuff that I could find and here you go.

This map making kit may not be recommended for new map makers.

I want to say, that this is a really good model!
I suggest to add more lightning options, because you can easily add it.

Wdym by more lighting options?

You can add more lightning string values to the lightning folder, as shown in instructions (Crazyblox’s)

--Lighting Properties:

--[Color3Value] Ambient

--[NumberValue] Brightness

--[Color3Value] ColorShift_Bottom

--[Color3Value] ColorShift_Top

--[Color3Value] OutdoorAmbient

--[StringValue] TimeOfDay : Value is formatted by ' HH:MM:SS '

--[Color3Value] FogColor

--[NumberValue] FogEnd

--[NumberValue] FogStart


From “Instructions” by Crazyblox

Oh ok.

I also added a scripted button. Same exact model as a FE2 button except it’s scripted, basically requires scripting to use it.


So uhh can anyone give me a lot of suggestions to add this map kit?

colorcorrection pulsing template?

Can I get more suggestions for this. Some I can make, some I cant (counts on my scripting skills)

some script templates?