Adventure Mode

Great that you have a teleporter to Flood Escape 2.

My idea is that if you can add back adventure mode.

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I don’t think Crazy is gonna add back Adventure Mode sadly.

Will be nice for such thing in FE2 or FE3

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should there be tutorial? so you need to climb up and then go to tutorial teleporter [FE2 Tutorial (LVL+1)
for #flood-escape-2

what was adventure mode got to be 4 anyway?

Adventure mode was gonna be like a story.

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K like

The flood rises and oof.

it would be cool because it could add to the lore of the FE series.

did someone said

l o r e

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I Wish Crazy Listen To This Post And Read adventure mode.

I agree

What is adventure mode?

Never coming back
because crazyblox discounted this.:tm:

Who revived this

no one

Adventure Mode is Flood Escape 2.

i think its some kind of singleplayer where you come from easy to hard difficulty, i dont know ive never seen it

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Pretty sure it was inspired form games like Super Mario and other stuff.
It must’ve been fun!

this post commit deadd

Think crazy said FE2 is pretty much what Adventure Mode would be