Almost or over 2 years ago

As of today, I don’t know exactly when I started playing FE2, so I’ll say late 2018 (Probably around September or October when I started)

So it’s probably about 2 Years I have been playing FE2 and Roblox! Some stuff has changed since I started Flood Escape 2.

From Graveyard Hillside Update (Idk if I played the old one but definitely remember when the update came) to Shadowmap.

FE2 has changed alot. The most memorable was 2018 Christmas update, The old ui (late 2018 - early 2019) which was a little updated compared to the old ui from 2017. And the best of them all. Legacy Lighting.

I wish I can go back to some old Roblox version from 2018 and just play FE2 from 2018 when I started.

So why did I start playing FE2?
When I was playing FE1, I had alot of fun. It was really fun and I actually improved on parkour. I was basically playing it every day. No stopping. Until I got curious to explore the lobby. And you know what side of the lobby. The FE2 entrance. So I went there. And entered flood escape 2. It changed me. It was a whole different game. It was the same with different game mechanics. It looked fun. Like every new player does, explore the lobby.

I was basically just a new player. I entered the lift. Don’t know what was the first map I beat. But I do remember the first insane I beat. Familar Ruins.

I was so happy that I beat an insane map. After that, I began to best other insane maps.

And the hardest to beat.

Sinking ship.

Very fast Flood, perfect timing, it was hard. Fall once, you Are gone.

So now onto map testing.

When did I find it?
Late 2018. And how did I find it.

Some youtube video when I searched flood escape.

And when I found out that you can make maps for FE2, I was interested to make my own map.

My very first map was Abandoned Mines. If you play it now, it’s replaced with Forsaken Neon of course.

Full of rust. It was awful.

Project Ruins. Had the most progress but cancelled. (Remaster coming soon)

Water Pump Facility. Wow. It looked goodish but not good enough. Also 2nd area was the cause of me to cancel it (Remaster is already here anyways, maybe will make the classic version??? :thinking:)

And then. Burning Ruins. The first map I managed to complete. Also known as Burning Ruins Classic. Still playable anyways.

And that got me to work on more maps. And so on and until today.

I still play FE2 and mostly make maps.

Now the final part of this entire post:

When did I join forums?
February 2019.

How did I find it?
Michaels Post on some description of his video.

And why did I stay?

As the more I stayed here, lt started to feel like home. I made alot of friends here. Made stupid posts that are changed from 2019. Etc. This place made it feel home and I think. I joined the right community fitting for me.

So that’s it for this post. Of how long I went on this community on day one. Thank you.

Overtime, I made alot of friends during those 2 years.

As of right now. My friends list is full of FE2 friends. And who are they? People on this forum.

People who aren’t on forum will stay as my friend. And probably for longer until I unfriend them for being inactive


I discovered fe2 in mid june 2017 but i wasnt familiar to the animations so i came back to fe1
and came back to give fe2 another chance in late feb 2018

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You also accidentally called Graveyard Cliffside, Graveyard Hillside. *Correction lol.


I’m surprised it’s been 3 years since I first played, around February of 2021 will be 3 years for me finding out about map test!


i am part of the early 2018 gang

i joined before ds-facility was even released


I joined before Wild Savannah was added :sunglasses:

I found mt by searching FE2 lol


I joined waaaayyyy back, probably like august 2017, I was like “oh cool fe2, nice.” Also dark sci came out like around my b-day in November… I’m a thanksgiving baby lol

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I joined FE2 in like August 2017. I never knew about the forums until NOW.

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i joined the forums back in late 2017

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I joined the FE2 Community around early 2018.
I discovered Map Test / Community maps from a video that @TwiistedPandora made.