Alot of buttons 2655800826

Guys this map has TONS OF BUTTONS

omg that map has ton of buttons
better than button chaos by vranzo

sarcastic or not? hard to tell when reading posts tbh

also this post reminds me of “Guys, I just got TONS OF ROBUX”


  • Nobody asked


  • If you want to do the map submission, please send it in #Map-Creations topic.

Have a nice day.

Show us a picture to make it official.

was this even needed? being rude won’t help with anything -_-


Yes :exploding_head:

Nobody needed to ask. We have a freedom of speech and can say what we want to say (sorry if this is rude ;()


Well sorry, I was in bad mood while seeing this, and it’s the second time that this person post this kind of thing.
I apologise if that’s too rude.

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YES, finally someone said this.


popp15 i didnt made this map and im trying to tell peoples my favorite maps

I do not think , it is the best way to post in here tbh. You should try to annouce it in #Map-Creations topic, people are usually look for the map in here.

(Also before you posted the topic please make sure that your map topic already followed the guidelines.)

I honestly don’t think that Crazy accepts having #Map-Creations topics with no pictures and one incomplete sentence. If I was him, I wouldn’t try to.

I see. :I

he said he didnt make the map… he technically isnt allowed to submit someone’s elses map.


Don’t rlly freedom of speech here but ok

We do. No one really needs to ask.

rly boi