Am i even welcome on these forums anymore

This is an account that some of you may know as Metalican_Dude. This is an alternative account as I can’t seem to log into my old account. I ruined my reputation in multiple ways. I’ve changed since the past year or so and I wish to relive some old memories. If you want to welcome me back, that’s all up to you.


i recognize the name but i dont know what you did

Started some drama by not allowing followers.
It just made me angry that the feature was added but honestly, I don’t really mind the feature anymore

oh alright then

as long as you’ve changed I’d welcome you back

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I don’t remember you doing anything bad back then so of course you are

there’s no reason not to welcome you back. no reason to isolate you out either.
nothing you did is wrong. you’re just frustrated about it. it’s not your fault.

it’s indeed normal, to get upset about something so ridiculous in your perspective. opinion exist, and i respect that.

welcome back.


You’re a good person, so why not come back

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only recognize you from doors, but welcome back!

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by the way, it’s an opinion, everybody has a different one. you’re always welcome here.

no go away