AMAQ (Ask Mint A Question!)

yea uh these are a trend i see so uh why not make my own one lol

AMAQ is a simple QnA where you can randomly ask me questions (because I’m bored and should be watching anime or building instead of doing this but I’m lazy)


  • Simple joke questions are more than welcome, tho try not to make too much of them.
  • You can ask me tips for building (pls not scripting i suc at scripting ;-; ), I’d be happy to lend you guys some :wink:
  • A little personal questions such as my age and like for example, likings, passions, fears, close friends, my opinion about you, etc are allowed.


  • Questions like where exactly do I live (adress), emails or irl names are not prohibited. I don’t need any stalkers trying to hunt me down (chances are it wouldn’t happen here at all but better be prepared than nothing).
  • I wouldn’t advise a bit too personal questions such as who’s my crush (not that I have any here).
  • I wouldn’t really accept collab requests unless I’m done majorly with my projects which atm I am not and most likely won’t be for a looong time I guess.

That’s all folks, go ahead and ask me something? Can’t wait for your questions! :smiley:

time to go to the shower lol bye


How good is your motivation in building?
How to use blender ;w; (you can provide link idm)
Who do you find nnoying?

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i’m gonna answer instead of mint

  1. you activate the blender
  2. you put some fruit or vegetables inside and add mint (not the human, the plant)
  3. press the button
  4. wait until the blender mixes it up all together
  5. when it’s done, you drink the smoothie you made
  6. you spend the night in a toilet, having a diarrhea
  7. ???
  8. profit
  1. Really depends on my mood and affections, can’t really state.
  2. It is pretty hard. I still use tutorials since I’m still a big noob.
  3. To be honest, some of the guys here.

am I annoying to you tho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

nah lol

Do you want movie free

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Do you eat raw mint?
Can mint even be raw?
What shape is green?
How does mint not know about this?

How do you build so good?(if you think you’re good even)
How to get motivation?

Now I shall ask the forgotten question from thousands of days ago…

Do you even know me lol
How do you make shapes in blender I can only make a skull
Do you fart

Why my map die

My building will gte messy with 0 studs?
How do you build so good?
Why you suc at script?
Thanos God or Infinite Gay Mode? (Modes In FE2 Map Test)
Why is your name Overminted?

was that made using my tank? :stuck_out_tongue:

no lol


  1. Who doesn’t lol
  2. I’m no botanist ;-;
  3. It’s a color you dum
  4. Because no

I wonder why nobody never asked me any questions than timeNotDesign.

Any Q&A are more popular than mine. Weird. Isn’t it?