Amber Autumn [easy]

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted

Name: Amber Autumn

ID: 5974102509

Objects: 1678

Creator: Doninoobsh

Buttons: 10
Description of Map
Hi! Welcome to my first fe2 map. Gameplay is not so good and I tried to make a good design. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it will be added.

BGM - Oriental Groove

Pictures / Videos of Map-


wow this is very epic

I love the name, it actually the suit the map very well. Maybe the color scheme could be slightly different but other than that it’s really nice looking!

sick for something as a first timer, only suggestion is adding lights from the buttons
but very well made, gotta give you that

hey this looks cool
reminds me of deathrun

Yes, I took the style from this game.

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I thought the crack in the stone was a scorpion

This is awesome! I have high expectations for this being added to the main game. But judging from the screenshot, everything looks a bit cramped so you should fix that.

I miss some more decoration there are only trees, bushes and fences add more decorations it will make your map feel more alive. Overall its great!


This looks amazing.

Your build style is close to getting into FE2

try including a bit more photos?

better than leafy season, congrats on your first map!

why is everyone better than me at building lol

Anyways this looks really cool, good job