Amenity Annihilation

Status: Gathering Support, Finished

Description: experiment

ID: 4705321165

External Details
  • Part count ~300
  • 5 buttons




first room

tower climb


last room

end zone



so basically; the map won’t load in

whitelist it my guy

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seems rushed

most of the areas are oversized and most of the rooms are empty
please, can you add more details in the rooms?
like control panels, boxes, a bit of textures etc.


i tried

but the queue is full rn

also ima be cool and vote my own map

through my alternate

lol nice


i feel like there used to be much less criticism back in the glory days of '18

why would you vote your own map with your alt

You know you could group the maps into 1 slot as you didn’t know

so that there’s less proof of me doing it :smirk:


its not like that will help

who is the guy that says when whitelist is clear

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i put work in it

i think the map is good

it would be if it was 1800

can i have a vote pl0x

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i have a slot that i can put aside for your map (although its pretty common for people to say no :joy:)

i have like 3 extra so

the map is not bad–i like it


i’ll take your spot

but how do i

at least there is somebody that appreciates this map

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is your user the same as forum as ill send a friend request

tc me and ill update my slot which has my maps with your map only in it

my username is


k got it in after my computer being slow as hecc

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you got it whitelisted?

accept and ill invite you to the place

you put in the map–ill whitelist