Amethyst Base (Crazy) 🔮 revamp soon

Status: Gathering Support, finished
Buttons: 11
BGM: Notaker - Gems
Creators: Mac_mintedDev (me) and matzareb (MatzarebOfficial05)
ID: 2893839839
Average Completion Time: around 1:50 - 1:49-8 if you’re very fast
Part Count: 7k
Difficulty of Crazy: A bit below Medium

Heavily inspired by Crystal Base by KukkhaiTH2.

You were invited to a tourist attraction to the factory of Amethesterrial, a toy company who have been making worldwide toy hits, and today, you were invited to view the factory. However, at the tour, the basement/core started malfunctioning by some electrical error and started producing a leak of a weird substance used to fill up cotton to make the plushies soft (totally cheesy info).The substance is very dangerous and you, as a tourist, has to evacuate the cramped hallways and offices, avoiding laser cameras (inspired by Dystopia). Can you survive?

Pictures of Map-
Here is the entrance of the visit with Button 1 to open the door;

The hallway inside that factory/facility. You come in from the right side:

Button 2 opens the Basement door

Here is the basement/core. As you go in, you can find the substance rising. You can also see Button 3

Button 3 will open the staff room on the other end of the halls

This is the staff room filled with plushies. Filled with lasers because a worker accidentaly hit the “Fire Laser” button. This room might be the hardest out of all/

Inside the shelf, you’ll find Button 4.

Button 4 will open the storage room on the left hand side of the shelf.

Button 5 “boxed” in

That’s the time I turned on graphics.Button 5 will open the Elevator room back in the hallways.

They are still building the elevator room, but right now it’s a cave.You go up one truss to get Button 6.

Button 6 in one of the wooden platforms. You have to find the right one really fast.

You go back to the Storage room and find a small door open in which you go into. The smallest area in the map.

An ascent room with some parkour. Idk if you can make out the platforms, but you will if you play it.

An upstairs room. You only go into the Level room, and no those other doors won’t open.

A little upstairs hallway

An upstairs lobby. You go into the room on the right which is the Office room and is currently blocked by that shelf on the right side of the pic :confused:

The office with Button 7. Then quickly go to that AUTHORIZED PERSONEL ONLY room to get an airtank.

Nvm those random black outlines, I made the pic inside a box. The room with an airtank.

You were wondering "“why you need an air tank?”. You’ll go inside this vent as in that lobby pic and the vent is filled with acid so you have to swim there.

A security little room also a part of the vent filled with acid. Get Button 8 quickly before the acid changes into lava.

Button 8 will open the Facility room on the left hand side of the upstairs lobby pic. This is also a little ascent room with parkour coming up to another floor.

The room after the little ascent. The actual facility room with Button 9 in a control pad.
This is what it looked before:

This is what it looks like now:

Button 9 opens an unknown room filled with Dark Sci Facility texture beams. And Button 9 also opens the door in this pic too.

The door leads to the delivery room with Button 10.

The lava will turn to acid and that weird alder box will open with another air tank, because you’re gonna have to swiim up another vent.

You come back to the ascent room and look at the roof. The vent door will fall off and the acid should rise to fill that room.

You swim up that vent, avoiding pipes. Then you land on a hidden room and get Button 11.

You come down of the vent and back into the delivery room. You just go to the door that Button 11 will open.

And here’s the exit region, in a small elevator.You’ve finally finished it! :smiley:

RichardiOS275 (call this garbage again and you’ll lose 30K robux)



Pomdigna (note to you: it’s not broken. We were still testing and yeah we nerfed the door part.)

givemenamepls [thanks man : ) ]


Homis Gaming

Peep A Boo

MathFacter360 (starts at 41:32)

Ian Macauley (gg boi but you didnt have to die at the end :/)

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This room does NOT focus on ascents. It’s mostly focusing on memorising paths and more horizontal parkour rather than ascending parkour. Please tell us what you think of it, we have worked very hard on it since March, detailing certain parts and testing Event String.
(And to those who think overdetailed maps are trash, try to imagine what it would be like if you were building this, trying to make this as good as possible and trying to please YTers playing it. Thank you.)
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it :slight_smile: Remember to vote this map if you like it even tho it doesnt have a chance to get in bruh

This map is now legacy. Thank you all for playing this map.

This map is great!

Nice job!

Thank you so much! It was fun building it with @Irla

btw I started the whole map idea

at first it was just me building it but with mac’s help this turned out to be great

NP :slight_smile: bro

So many pics took me so long to scroll down and to load them all

sorry :confused: the map is quite long,

Seems Long lol

the action figures ruined it

you know, this room is kinda rigged image



its ez for me

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this map looks really cool

good job on making this!


thanks kais :slightly_smiling_face:

it took us 2 a long time to make this map playable

and yes i might delete some of the lasers to nerf gameplay because this map kinda makes me lag


nice job! You have my vote!

also is their an ID?

I have the ID >:D

wait rlly

oh whoopd i forgot to say the ID lol :confused:
i’ll give it in the post

this map is impossible

the door there is too small
also the lava is too fast for solo

you should fix the small hole because when i press last button i stuck in that room and can’t exit because your hole is really little bruh D:


oh ok ill fix that now