An another FE2CM Rescue Module based on Kris' module

Original: [BACK UP!] - FE2 Map Test Custom Rescue Mission!

lol hi there,
this is a rescue module
that replicates fe2 rescue (everyone knows that)
and multiple escapees (from kris module)
and customization (wooo)
also this module normally runs every 3 rounds, just like in normal fe2

note: this is just a modification of kris module lol

Kit: cutyme0’s FE2 Modified Rescue Kit - Roblox


Epic. uwu :ok_hand:

Also in future I will make the multiple rescues too, but the problem is, I don’t know if it will work and if I change, probaly will break the maps. ;w;

uwu :flushed:

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uwu strikes again

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New update:
Customized Escapee Appearance

(if you dont want rescue marker to be shown when its not rescue, just remove the marker)

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New update (3/5/2021):
-Updated Escapee movement to be abit slower, much more accurate to FE2 one.
-Finally fixed Escapee ghost transparency!
-Added new function: :ToggleCutscene(bool)!
Enable/disable Distress Call cutscene, if you wanted to. (Finally the machine in lobby is useful lol)
(Please run this before :Run())

That’s all. e

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New update (10/5/2021)
-Tweaked Escapee movement (SUPER accurate to FE2)
-Fixed Escapee ghost transparency (for the last time)
-Fixed Cutscene, it will now work properly!
-Module Log (wait what)


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New update, again (14/5/2021)
-Escapee movement has been tweaked, it will no longer lag
(and will no longer slow when you are near Escapee)
-Rescue Zone has been updated (though it’s not required to update yours)
-New settings: UseDefaultEscapee!
This will replace your Escapee appearance with 1 of 7 default Escapees in FE2!