Ankh ☥ (Tankh)

me when making a tank (desc + my opinions)

the egyptian cross aka the symbol of life

this is kinda a bad tank imo, but you can have your own opinions about it

le stats

1 meshpart
1 attachment
1 pointlight
& 2 particleemitters

le gif

le pics (wait)

so uh yea, that’s it. the tank on it’s own is not so great, so it’s obviously better on the player

not expecting this to get into the game, it still has it’s flaws so A

Looks actually pretty good. voted

ah one of these
I love this tank and the skin so nice

due to limit tho, I’ll vote on an alt

oh wow

this is pretty impressive

Ooooh! This is a pretty nice satanic symbol nice tank! Definitely a vote.

Seems like something Doctor Fate (DC Comics) would do. And wow, that tank is just sheer epicness. +1 Vote.

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Just curious did you make the particle decals, if so mind explaining what you used and how to do it. I feel like this could help alot with development for hammEr and Tria.

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Okay so:

The rings are fairly straight-forward, just make them have some sort of Rotation and RotSpeed value (like -360, 90 or -75). Though the RotSpeed should be kept quite low.

The light rays going into the Ankh is quite easy as well. All it is is just a Size NumberSequence like this:

And if you want it more natural-looking, just make a NumberSequence for the Transparency value.

Rate, Lifetime, and the Rotation stuff are all fairly important as well, but I’ll let you experiment with those.

And keep in mind, all the particles are parented to an Attachment, so they won’t move around and stuff, even with LockedToPart disabled.

No I didn’t make the decals, the rings texture was from some kit and the light rays thing:

Sorry if this didn’t really help you, I’m bad at explaining things lol

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Yeah I know how to use particles already its like a daily thing at this point lol, I was more looking into how you actually make the decals but like you said you didn’t make them so its fine.

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So I was thinking about maybe doing another variation of this tank with different particles. Would you guys like to see something like that?

  • Yes
  • No

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How is related to this?

Also what:

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lol what
it is an Ankh from another game
it is a brother

ill probably delete just so It doesn’t get flagged

in my head i pronounce it as ANCK


Okay so apparently lost a vote then gained one? lol

I don’t really care that much about votes though why unvote for a tank lol

wait i just saw the dani reference :flushed:

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Okay you know what I’m not gonna do another variation. I think this tank is better off like this lol