Another Dumb Project Idea

basically the same thing as the mario kart to fe2 thing but with sonic the hedgehog zones
crazy, huh?

so anyway zones i’m not doing: spring yard, star light, scrap brain, final, death egg, sky chase, wing fortress, metropolis, hill top, launch base, doomsday, wacky workbench, stardust speedway, studiopolis (Extremely sorry)

that would legitimately give crazyblox an automatic dmca strike for copying a game

ok but does it look like i care lol
btw i’m already doing casino night
also go read the original post if you havent

so you want crazyblox to get dmca striked and get his game taken down :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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no it’s just a thing i’m doing

if i was trying to get him dmca striked i’d get striked instead but i’m just some guy who enjoys making maps

its a cool idea but i recommend to also make some original stuff unless ur already planning to do that lol

yea i’m trying to make the maps look original and not like the actual zones
like look at this image do you see anything that looks like the casino night from sonic the hedgehog

like anything related
well ok yeah all the levels will have the original music
and also seaside hill is based on sonic the hedgehog and it looks pretty much the same so how has damnepiccaleb not claimed his dmca strike yet

Seaside hill is from Sonic Heroes.

true true bro