Another useless post

ok i don’t want drama but i can’t hold it anymore
i’m a trash person
i don’t deserve friends
i’m a f***king piece of :poop: who just is looking for attention
i don’t deserve even breathing
i deserve only death



don’t throw yourself in the trash. youve got some good sides too.

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Don’t kill yourself!
You have so much to live for!!

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update: i’m feeling better now and thanks for all your all kind words
even tho they’re kinda not true but still

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are you really looking up to suicide? Suicide is the worst thing you can do to try and solve something. You will never comeback from it. Its better to talk about any problems with someone who you can trust, whether online or irl. We can help you, youre not a bad person.

i’m feeling better so
and no
i didn’t plan suicide yet
and i hope i won’t

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please dont ever think of suicide. I take these things seriously and it hurts me seeing that people actually wanna kill themselves.


maybe? i’ll try

please seek help. i am serious. if it’s getting worse and more serious, please, see a therapist if you’re having sxuicgial thoughts. i was actually sent to a mental hospital and got therapy just because I kept on cutting myself.

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I… don’t know how to react to this, but, hey, this is dark
And I got better