Any opinions?

I am making a map with a few friends.


It’s really WIP, any feedback is appreciated :smiley:


hmm looks nice
but the dark green colour in the trees doesn’t fit, try using a more gray one (suggestion)
also those perfectly-round rocks look kind of weird imo. try making some with wedges or negative parts.

one more thing: since i love pebble, imo it’d look better if the pathway is pebble. you dont have to implement any of these suggestions, i just think it’d look better in my POV.

the balls that i think are rocks should either be a rock mesh or a few parts. they don’t mix well with the block look that most maps will have. the path could have a larger start and a fade to the end. the tree leaves do look a bit wack, and there are a lot of boxes. the hill at the left could have its grass size increased as it does look a bit awkward.

as something you could do in the future is to make small ledges or such in the hills to fill in the empty space, as well as add some grass or bushes. right now the map looks ‘okay’. nothing about it is too bad but you could improve the map elements that already exist. also, remove some of the boxes as it is quite excessive.


I think you should make the path extend to the edge all the way past the boxes, because if you didn’t it mostly looks like just a line. Other than that it’s REALLY good. Keep up the great work!

Looks well. Could use some detail, but it’s WIP so do something first then some detail.

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Omg what ever happened with this map.

Guessing got Discontinued for reasons.

how did you even get here

looks terrible lol

wasnt the biggest fan of yousif’s building at the time, and tbh there was barely any space to build the map

i could try finding the map and show what was done

Me finding my old posts from 2019

Looks pretty good so far but I think you should add some grass and some more trees but so far it’s looking good :+1:

why do I always forget to check the date lol