Anybody know a cool easter music?

The title say this topic, I’m making a easter map and I don’t have a music, tehre’s it’s only 2 options of music for me, I want more…

(The music can be like this musics:)

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i’d take the first option

I know, but wanna know more easter music, if was to be take na option, I will made a poll.

banjo kazooie

What the name of music, Banjo Kazooie have a lot of music…

i was doing it as a joke
idk man

Your joke it’s not a joke, IT’S REAL!

Like it?

yeah it goes well

Kevin MacLeod - Darkest Child

Hhhm…sound more like horror than easter for me.

i suggested this music because it was in egg hunt 2013 and 2016 xd

dAnCiNg LiNe