Anybody know the names for some of the deleted FE1 music?

Sometime around mid-2019 some of the music of Flood Escape were auto-flagged by Roblox’s copyright system and were deleted.

Music like the Training Mode music, the Victory music, the Bonus Round music, and the Extreme Mode music are all songs that were deleted, and is why you don’t hear them ingame, and see some threads about this.

Even some of the damn sound effects were auto-flagged. The elevator siren and the door sounds were deleted too.

I’m trying to find the sources of all of the music and sounds. These aren’t custom composed specifically for the game. Typically they’re taken from some video game OST.

The Training Music I was able to identify as Labo - System-a-Ciel from Megaman Zero 3

The Bonus Round Music I wasn’t able to specifically identify, but it seems to come from Chrono Trigger. I tried basing the identification both off the version used in 2013, which is the original tune and the newer remastered version

The Victory Music, well as you’d probably guess I didn’t have much luck with that

The Extreme Mode Music was actually a breeze to find, and it turns out to be Basement Floor by Kevin MacLeod. It’s kinda hilarious how it managed to flag Kevin MacLeod music, but it did anyway.

Honestly, I’m not even gonna try with the sound effects.

If anyone knows the names or has links for the Bonus Round and Victory music, then that’d be really awesome. Better yet, even some of the sound effects! Thanks!

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If I recall correctly, the guy owning all the music was terminated, probably why they are all gone.

Victory music is when you complete a Mega Man X stage.

Lift sound is a roblox audio called Hydraulic Lift or something like that.