Anyone knows what a _Variant is

I was making a map for fe2 then I came across a _Variant inside of the FEMap Kit Model, currently scared to delete it because I don’t know if it’ll break the map. Can anyone give info about it?

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–Variants are what can give a map increased replay value and multiple paths if intended by the map creator.

–[Model] _Variants : Contains models intended for multiple paths in a map. FE2 will pick one model and delete the rest.

From instructions btw

Basically, you have 1 path:
1st variant - Truss
2nd - boxes
3rd - something else idk
game decides to put one of the variants and delete others. So, randomly 2nd variant has been choosed, so boxes will be added on that path, but truss and something else will be deleted.


it’s used for when you want your map to have multiple way of completing, for instance:

  • on round 1, the path is left
  • on round 2, the path is right

thanks to both of you

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holy that’s coooool
im prob not gonna use this but that’s epic

So that means, this is what HenryDO9 did in his maps? Or did he custom-script the paths himself?

back when destination was made variants weren’t a thing so it was custom scripted


Dont know which map you mean, but no

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Destination and Rotate Room

those were like a year ago, variants werent even added

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