Anyone Need a Map Tester?

-Post IDs in the comments

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Only IDs we made?

Just any ids

Heh I have got a lot

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ID: Different Themes: 2781173737

ID: Different Themes 2: 2777933458

Both maps are outdated cause a Roblox Studio glitch e, expect the first one to not have music

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Do Maple Valley (my most played map in the FE2 community)

Map ID: 3304971170

  • 2500788253: Similar Rooms [Hard] by federoblox244 & KamikzeMelon (WIP)

  • 2444738899: Sky Tower [Insane] by Youy & federoblox244

  • 2635876243 - Time Travel [Crazy] by RBLXDenimated

  • 4315477462: Eternal Frost [Easy] by alternoobive

  • 3109817246: Foggy Woodlands [Extension 1] [Easy] by federoblox244

bump :slight_smile:

ty for playing foggy :stuck_out_tongue:

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np lol

thanks for playing my map (Maple Valley).

:smiley: bump

Also any maps you guys submit ill be posting on yt

1895333212: Peculiar Tunnels [Normal] by robloxpies

3007544686 - Emerald Grove [Normal] by weawea100vn + Steve_ EmeraldClaw

2749380536: Nuclear Overflow [Hard] by Traxex16

2252919600: Old Lab [Hard] by josliam01_02

2218258840: THE ULTIMATE COMPLICATED BOX [Easy] by totally crazyblox omg

1426035183: Steampunk Island [Easy] by bubblegum27680

1177963701: Radaken [278B Meltdown] (Unknown’s Revamp) [Insane] by LionLai123

2323380597: Terminal [Insane] by Dr_Right2

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Dang ty


discord is down lol!1!!!


almost done with the maps you posted
only need to do the last 2 insanes

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you mean crazies xdd

aka the new difficulty

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the last 2 maps are labeled insane

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