Anyone wanna make a map

Anyone wanna make a map in team create? I already have some done.

_(’-’)/ Maybe _(’-’)/

meeeeeeee i am good


Ok. What u r username


can i?

im guessing no :frowning:

well let me show u some proof here:

what do you think :slight_smile: oh and my username is: Damian_TheBuilder

I guess if it’s OK with real triangle because I have him on it already

I’m Okay Imo

I’m pretty good I can do beams and attachments and all that stuff
IGN: zederpyii

so that means i can? :thinking:

i know how to do everything using attachments besides trails.

where do you go to create a map?

roblox studio

My first map (I know its bad).

Username: TestHack248