Anyone wanna make map

so if you wanna help make map tell me
here are some info about it, btw my username is midgrez

so its gonna be sync map and it’s gonna be crazy difficulty(it’s gonna be decent/hard gameplay and fun)
idk what bgm is yet though and the map name
it will be a detailed map not a layout
idk how many people should help tbh lol
theme is idk yet sorry

tell me if want to help

You can participate with only with discord?

I have discord

But I don’t have so…

Oh, so we can just use the chat in studio then, right?

Right, I don’t will be on roblox studio today (I think)

Anyways, my name in roblox it’s drcufel, if I be on computer today, I will tell you in roblox or forums private chat.

Okay then