Arch's Bad map creation thingy

Arch's Building creations

yeah hello welcome to my map creation um thing where i post builds or maps woohoo cool right
Heres our snackbar
so yeah enjoy i-uhm guess?

jihjihijhjihijh Enjoy your stay!


wow this is pretty good


Can we bring our own snacks?

Of course

Bruh you put a pineapple next to a pizza? That is not allowed. @DominoContributing

He needs to see your monstrosity.

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My best roblox creation yet… The temple of Solarstopia, [HEAVY WIP]


Finished final result.

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with different lighting it probably will look at lot better

we have to get past this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! but i dont really know hooooooooooooooooooooooow! i dont wanna die now, i dont know what to do so lets use this catapult and launch us into spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace NAW_X: you know, i’d rather actually die than do th- everyone else: SHUT UP NAW! now that we’ve gotten to the other side this is the end of the soooooooooooooooooooooooooong.



thank you