Arctic Headquarters [POST-HIATUS]

LAST UPDATED: 11:47AM (Sept 17) ET

STATUS: Completed - Finishing touches and feedback

Description: Located in the Arctic north, you find yourself in a flooding facility; following emergency procedures and running for the emergency tunnel.

Made by Justin31sar and KingMarine_MC

Map ID: 2232361925


Arctic Headquarters R.V. 1.0


Area 1 photos

Area 2 photos

Area 3 photos

Area 4 photos



Area 1 photos

Area 2 photos

Area 3 photos

Area 4 photos

with lights off (when entering area)
with lights on (when last button is pressed)


Video [There is a sound delay for some reason, I’ll rerecord it with OBS later]:

Plans to Update

  • We will attempt to find and use a better particle for snow
  • The balance beam in area 3 will be widened.
    – Implemented. Balance beam is now 2 studs wide.
  • Different soundtrack for map
    – In progress with @damnepiccaleb
  • Improving details
    – Some additional details have been added to the game (screenshots updated)

Just played it… Looks really nice! 1+ vote from me.

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looks decent, haven’t played it yet but g o s h

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Looks good I might play it later.

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Feedback would be appreciated!

It doesn’t look that great, tbh it was a huge letdown for 10 votes imo
you need to add more details in the facility, walls look too empty maybe try some pattern or design idk
outside area is pretty decent but you should change the dirt color looks a bit too reddish brown for dirt and also try something else to fill the outside area other than just trees

idk if i sound harsh but that’s my feedback hope you read it!!

Feedback is feedback :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:. Thanks for the honest opinion.

Great map!

Tbh, I remember when I saw this map in a 2017 video and I’m pretty sure it’s a 2017 map tho. The 2017 standard is really classic and this map is even in 2017 too so it’s ofc classic. It looks pretty good for a 2017 standard map but I think since it’s posted in just yesterday which isn’t 2020, new generation era btw. That’s why you see it weird comparing to other 2020 maps

Yea AHQ was originally made in 2017, then we improved it in 2018 (most improvements are still seen in here), then we added more details, fixed issues, added a group button, then released it again

Is there anything that we should add to make it fit in more into the 2020 set of maps?

Original Submission
2018 version


oh i see, sorry

man that justin guy who made this map must be so good at creating maps

I officially beat ithttps://youtu.be/gEsBjH2e9QA

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Noticed you got stuck on the snow at the 2nd area, I’ll make it non-collidable later

We’ve just added additional details, we still plan to add more

You can check on what we added in the new set of screenshots I added (I took less this time, will give more in the next update though)

Looks good

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added more buildings and design elements on walls
also updated the tower to make him a big boi

Model is now updated

Update 3.7:

  • Improved building details added

Additional Plans:

  • Touch activiated effects in some rooms
  • Newly composed OST implementation
    – Note that the OST isn’t finished yet but is said to be finished soon