Atomic Colorium [New ID + Updated]

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted
Description: A revamp of Colors Escape, and each room represents a difficulty.
ID: 4662949323 (shares with Technoir & NanoTech)
givemenamepls - original Colors Escape creator, main revamp builder
givemenickpls - original Colors Escape creator
hallowynl - main revamp builder
damnepiccaleb - very minor details


Main Section

Green Sector - Easy

Yellow Sector - Normal

Red Sector - Hard

Purple Sector - Insane

Orange Sector - Crazy + Ending

Thank you for taking your time to check out the map. Stay vicious. - g

Oh, the pictures didn’t load, @givemenamepls.

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reuploading them soon reeeeee

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this actually quite a decent map, not on my top 10 but it’s still good.



Looks great so far, but try to add decoration onto the walls (but don’t restrict yourself to just neon and textures).


Ye, thanks for suggestions!

yee thank you for the suggestions

cmon CE had 6 votes why does this have none

rip since i can’t vote anymore

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take off the vote from CE then

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e.e ok

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Gud but first room needs detail

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you mean da green one?

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AMAZING! This map is awesome! Good job, @givemenamepls!

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yayayayayayayayay thank you

@BigBoi dont vote your maps XD

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I gave the vote, GOOD JOB CREATING THIS!

but the vote is originally for Colors Escape, he just took it from CE and put it here xD

watttttt abouttttt mehhhhh