Auburn Highlands [Hard] | (Thanks for 20 Votes!)

Random Text: Hi I guess. After all that happened, I may as well release a post that is useful.

Important Information

:arrow_forward: Status: Discontinued until Further Notice
:arrow_forward: Part Count (as of 1/22/2020): 1881
:arrow_forward: Part Count w/MeshParts & UnionOperations (as of 1/22/2020): 2374
:arrow_forward: ID: 4527991719
:arrow_forward: Demo ID: Same as ID lol
:arrow_forward: Creator(s): Visual_VDvanox

Description: Just an Autumn themed map. Might be released in early December. Also my third map so yay

This map was inspired by multiple maps:

Reckless Ridge
Autumn Woods
Sunset Bloom
Marmalade Heights

Map Development Started 2019-08-23T04:00:00Z

Pictures (just pics no vids srry):


told ya there was no vids

Brief Summary:

this is gonna be big when i fill this in lol

Some Polls (Will turn into Map Revoow :clap: soon):

What do you think of the map so far?

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:name_badge: Creation Note :name_badge: - nothing

Update Log
Update 1

Script change + Map has been semi-released with an unofficial ending.

:thonk: i commit write sentence thing lol

That rock bridge thing looks like a plank of rock. Maybe add some wedges underneath it (sorta like supports) so it doesn’t look boring?

Maybe the name could be “Autumn Scapes”?

Noice, I could think about the name :oof:

10/10 name


Marmalade Hideaway lolxd


Think of a normal name lol.

Obviously lol.

Bet you’re gonna say something like “Autumnatishnufication Transulutationen”



the trees are superior

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omg yes i’m voting right now owo epic

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try putting humps on the ground, can be meshes or whatever

a suggestion: make a fitting ambience lol

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“Deteriorate Escarpment” just a name idea :oof:

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call it deserted undergrounds

mom can i play the harp and then throw it out the window plez

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Yes, after you have done with it, you will no longer to use your wifi anymore.

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I’ll try to put that in, it’s not decided yet though…

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haha yes

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seems legit