Auburn Highlands | WIP

Text: Hi I guess. After all that happened, I may as well release a post that is useful.

Important Information

:arrow_forward: Status: InDev, WIP, Not Whitelisted, Almost Done Layout
:arrow_forward: Part Count (as of dd/mm/yr): N/A
:arrow_forward: Part Count w/MeshPart & UnionOperations (as of dd/mm/yr): N/A
:arrow_forward: ID: How can there be an ID if it isn’t Whitelisted lol >:)
:arrow_forward: Demo ID: Not planned yet…
:arrow_forward: Creator(s): Visual_VDvanox

Description: Just an Autumn themed map. Might be released in early December. Also my third map so yay

This map was inspired by multiple maps:

Reckless Ridge
Autumn Woods
Sunset Bloom
Marmalade Heights

Map Development Started 2019-08-23T04:00:00Z

Pictures (just pics no vids srry):


told ya there was no vids

Brief Summary:

this is gonna be big when i fill this in lol

Some Polls (Will turn into Map Revoow :clap: soon):

What do you think of the map so far?

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:name_badge: Creation Note :name_badge: : So it’s November and I’m somewhat almost done the map. It’s available to play (I’m not telling you the ID), however it may change, so don’t expect to always be this map. Anyways, last section will have maybe two or three buttons. It will be overgrown and more detailed than the others. The development span for this map may continue into December 21st (since that is when fall ends for me), so expect updates in the Christmas Season! I’ll try to continue development for this as much as possible while still trying to update FF (I don’t want to leave it in the dark.) I’m done talking now, so have a nice day and thank you for reading this!

Update Log

Updates will be listed here.

:thonk: i commit write sentence thing lol

That rock bridge thing looks like a plank of rock. Maybe add some wedges underneath it (sorta like supports) so it doesn’t look boring?

Maybe the name could be “Autumn Scapes”?

Noice, I could think about the name :oof:

10/10 name


Marmalade Hideaway lolxd


Think of a normal name lol.

Obviously lol.

Bet you’re gonna say something like “Autumnatishnufication Transulutationen”



the trees are superior

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omg yes i’m voting right now owo epic

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try putting humps on the ground, can be meshes or whatever

a suggestion: make a fitting ambience lol

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“Deteriorate Escarpment” just a name idea :oof:

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call it deserted undergrounds

mom can i play the harp and then throw it out the window plez

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Yes, after you have done with it, you will no longer to use your wifi anymore.

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I’ll try to put that in, it’s not decided yet though…

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haha yes

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seems legit