[aura] Ascended

he ascendin’

item details

name: Ascended
price: 40 gems
description: Beyond humanity they goes.

on player:


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not my best work but it looks kinda sick
i thought of the stand user aura while making this

how is this man

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Not bad

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tbh this is really rushed and i could’ve done better but oh well,

it’s an aura, not much to do with it

he’s a god

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he is jeuse

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very cool
can i add it to FEW

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what is FEW

his fangame

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Good question.
Flood Escape World. I want to continue it, but I gotta learn how to script.
Also I have to change the name.
I have no ideas for the name.
I thought about “Elusion”.

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Ayooo where he ascendin to doe

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The heavens.



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