(AURA) Moltoxivoltar ⛈

waiting for ikea workers to hire me because name lol

really just a test on how wild i can go with particles. not expecting this to get any popular or getting in game, quite a TON of attachments, beams and particles in total. supposedly i tried to recreate a scene where someone surges in power because they have to fight a villian using extraterrestial powers or summon the devil of thunder or sm like that yeah

consists of 17 attachments, 10 particleemitters, 14 beams

price: 1200 coins
desc: woah bro we didnt come to the island for you to summon zeus


yeah it looks pretty messy and weird ik i just wanted to go wild, never expecting this to get in game though itd be cool if crazy took a peek yknow

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this was goddamn pain to do ok thanks bye

bro this is amazing

woa dude that’s cool

is he summoning intergalactic powers


nah he be tryna call his brother thor


How to ascend

Step 1)


This is really nice! If this gets added into FE2’s Item Shop, I will buy idc the price since it reallys nice! EVen I don’t have enough coins I will buy more for this really nice aura.


i agree BaconBoi

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thank you olive

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what dedication looks like :trol:

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kinda agree that it looks a bit messy, also no sign of color palette unless im blind
other than that looks really cool

i mean lets be honest actual surgences dont require specific colors so yeah

hey Overminted, May I ask for permission to add this aura to PF: Escape From Darkness?
i & 44 are planning to make a credits button, so I would tell him to add your name there.

no thanks

Alright then!

aura overdetail, trash


I love the aura Moxlekalkdoedp

divine angel stuff + epic tesla stuff = M O L T O X I V O L T A R (epic name)

wait people actually like this