Auras | Binary Codes 2

From the former creator of BINARY CODE (couldn’t log in to old account due to 2FA problems that mods refused to respond)


_/ BINARY CODES (ver2)
desc: don’t do hac in games kids, use this particles instead i would be grateful.

:white_small_square: Featuring:

  • Better textures
  • Improved emissions and animations
  • It is basicly better than the old one and it is worth to be used in FE2

:white_small_square: Instances:

  • Torso.Attachment{contains Shockwave, 0 and 1 ParticleEmitters}

_/ VARIANTS (ver1)

old post’s hyperlink lol

_/ VARIANTS (ver2)

google drive share link because i can’t upload mp4 files here

:white_small_square: Image preview(view the video for the full particles animation):

in case you’re colorblind, this image shows a variety of 4 colors for this aura with white being the classic for FE2.

For aura replacement permissions(if binary code v1 will be updated to binary code v2/or the original concept permissions). @CryoHellish is uncontactable because of the reason that was mentioned above. Now this account grant every permissions on the aura concept @CryoHellish formerly make for FE2 (ofc cuz it me). Thanks for reading now give feedback because that’s how item submissions work?


looks cool

That looks amazing


my goodness

holy nicki minaj its the developer of the Nullxiety

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now every FE2 exploiter uses this aura to signify the fact that they’re exploiting


Looks hella cool

I’d love to see more colors variants. If this gets added I’m 100% gonna aim for purchasing this.