Autumn Bridge 🍂 [VERSION 1.15]

Status: Finished, Playable, Gathering Feedback/Support
Creator(s): Phexonia
Difficulty: Normal
Buttons: 8
BGM: Autumn Bridge OST - DominoContributing

Map IDs :exclamation:
Map Packs: 4288451476 (UPDATED)
Alternative ID: 4772960453


Original Version
Released in April 2nd

  • Autumn Bridge is now released! Explore around and follow the arrow signs to the buttons and get to the exit.

Version 1.11
Updated in August 31th, 2020

  • Gameplay updated
  • 3rd Water state changes
  • Waterfall color states changes
  • Waterfall particles rises from waters
  • Gates fixed

Version 1.13.2
Updated in September 2nd, 2020

  • Cancollide platform fixed
  • Arrow sign added to the bridge
  • Group buttons

Version 1.13.92
Updated in December 9th, 2020

  • Double arrow signs are removed due to confusion, but single signs can be shown with/without button signs on where to go when pressed the button
  • Bush & vine color changes
  • Nerfed difficulty + changed the slowmode to the water countdown a bit
  • Ground color changes
  • Changed the acid to water in the last area
  • Bridges now have torches and roofs
  • Added few more arrow signs

Version 1.14
Updated in January 18th, 2021

  • Added new arrow signs
  • Fixed waterfall bug
  • Added other bridges as decorations
  • Gates go down instead of up

Version 1.15
Updated in May 20th, 2021

  • More arrow signs added
  • Areas are now updated and decorated
  • Gates will now close when the flood is near

Backstory :open_book:
After exiting through the end of Forest Field, you have entered and explored around through the Autumn feels of the forest. However, floods slowly began to rise from turning into water, to acid. There is another way to get into the exit, leading you to understand the path. Follow the arrow signs and escape as soon as you can…

Description :scroll:
Autumn Bridge is an autumn-themed map, made with bridges and with forest trees. Exploring through the map can give you a nice feel of the outside view, but you must get quick before the flood arises. The last area is located to the exit, so you have to get fast as soon as you follow.

Screenshot :camera_flash:

Videos :movie_camera:

Original Version (Old Version)

Original Version
Released in April 2nd


@TwiistedPandora (Thank you!)


Gentleberry16 Gerek


Version 1.11/1.13.2
Updated in August 31th/September 2nd





@Occida (Thank you!)


Version 1.14/1.15
Updated in January 18th / May 20th

No videos has been included yet. Sorry!

it can be nice replacement of Autumn Hideaway, nice job and keep it up ^^ voted!


This is an awesome map! I like the concept and it looks like you worked hard on this map. Keep up the good work! :+1:


turkeyhood estate be like


Tbh i don’t really have any suggestions for this map, but maybe make the lighting a bit darker, I don’t know, but I sure love this map right now. Some parts remind me of this map that I made a few months ago called Turkeyhood Estate…

Like the concept so far


Thank you so much for your supportive feedback! It really means a lot. I’ll try changing the lighting by your suggestion in the next update. :+1:

You’re welcome :smiley:

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Thanks a lot for your support! Yes, it takes time to finish Autumn Bridge while I was working on those progress to the map. However, I felt really proud of my map!

Again, thank you for your feedback. :hugs:

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I do feel like the BGM fits with the concept of the map. I think song choice is one of the crucial things you have to think about.

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I feel like this is one of Phexonia’s best maps
Good job!

But, even though the map is good, it feels empty. Can you please add like some more decos? Like rocks for example.
I also feel like the map’s lighting is kinda bright, so tune it down a bit like Irla said.
Overall, cool map
I like it!

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Must be in game

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You are right, though. It does feel kind of empty.

i made a video already!

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Phexonia, I’m thinking about recording your map but unfortunately, I don’t have a YouTube channel and I cannot add videos to posts. So I guess I can’t record the video in the first place…

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Hi there! Thank you so much for your suggestions. However, more decorations can be a great idea to use them on the map to have great looks on the gameplay.

I’ll be able to use these suggestions in the next update. Thank you! :smile:

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Thank you for recording Autumn Bridge! Your video will now be placed. :movie_camera: :+1:

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when did crazy whitelist this??

I don’t think Crazyblox whitelisted it?

it did if phexonia released it on the forums. he does that lol

also that was my first experience of making video for 20 minutes only lol