Autumn Forest by AndreaAYK4 and Me

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
Basically theres no backstory atm, it’s just a flooding forest that you need to escape. I dont know if its WIP or finished now, might be forever WIP lamo

ID of map: 4491966078 (will change in future)

Pictures / Videos of Map:

Not a lot of wall detail, and I feel like the lighting could be used better.

But, I mean, it’s still better than like, 99% of the maps on map test.

Thanks, we spent a long time on it.


Idk how that came up lol

The cake

And in the fourth picture, the black wall seems out of place


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thx :slight_smile:

are the trees free models? if they are, make a tree by yourself.

otherwise, eh map. but if it’s your first map, it looks nice for a first map.

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This is cool ngl
Also happy anniversary

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looks okay

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Nice map, but the name is already used on another map…

Looks like an autumn forest

I won’t really say this is good, it’s kinda mediocre.

failed attempt to lmao

It’s my 1st map. But thanks for the responses, : D, for improving.

The building of the map is very cool for your first map, but, well, you could put a lighting, fog and etc…

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