Autumn Hideaway and Pipelines' new IDs + New WIP Map!

4097851872 - Autumn Hideaway’s new ID
4051291749 - Pipelines with Nennai credit
752740026 - New map Hongshui Coast! “Hongshui” in Traditional Chinese is “Flooding”, and yes I’m inspired by Kozui Peak :3
Oh yeah Dense Swamp and Eerie Roadway have been back. Both are getting revamped and Macabre Manor will be updated this weekend. Desert Valley is getting a revamp too before I remake it. Have a nice dayyy


macarena manor

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owo hype

I’m actually inspired too lol

you could have said it was chinese (both simple and traditional writings are the same) but ok

You don’t have to be picky about the smallest things ever lol

well that’s how I work, lel

edit: if you didn’t know, I have asperger’s ok