Autumn Hideaway

I’m thinking of making a remake but a bit insane give me suggestions about it. If any of you miss autumn hideaway , I also miss it

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Why does it need suggestions though-

Oh nevermind, I think I know why

(Autumn hideaway creator) said that she didn’t want any of her works in fe2 to be remade so I suggest not

(There is a word blacklist now huh)


The creator already said they don’t want their maps to be remade. So remaking it won’t be easy for you.

Plus haven’t seen a map from you at all.

I like deathrun so I may make a map based on deathrun and flood escape

unrelated to this topic but ok

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yep that’s what dm and inoc mentioned

uh what’s said above

Pretty sure it got removed for a reason.
I had this idea around a year ago, but never actually executed it.

I wouldn’t recommend remaking it. I remade it myself, and I also remade Pipelines and attempted to remake Evacuation but it is really best if you leave her maps alone.

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The reason why Autumn Hideaway was removed is that the creator of Autumn Hideaway did a bad thing (which is insulting or harassment), but Crazyblox didn’t liked that, so he decided to ban the creator and remove the map that is never to be seen again in the future. Although, some people may or may not noticed why it happened, but I guess it was Crazyblox’s decision and their teams just to stay back from the creator’s incident.

I just gotta let you know the answer about the reason. :+1:


Yeah I knew that, I meant like it was removed for a reason so they do t want recreations

me goes ahead remakes autumn Hideway for FE2 2017

Welp I’m cancelling that now.

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if there was an undo button in life, i could have played this map.

pretty late reply but apparently autumn hideaway was in fe2 2017 for a bit but crazy removed it and shutdown all servers


so he shutdowned servers to remove autumn hideaway as a update eh?

So old topic now

might as well try to revive this Imao
autumn hideaway was a good map, but it got removed for a reason. i don’t see why he?she wouldn’t want remakes, but, autumn bridge is almost confirmed for fe2. if it’s actually added, then well, there’s probably no way to do anything about it. and also i remember playing autumn hideaway but the game gets SHUTOWN and cant get autumn hideaway


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She didn’t want people making fame off of their work, and plus now they’re using their Test Maps from FE2 Community Maps for a new project of her own. Just remember, don’t try copying other people’s work to get popular off of it, which is entirely why I’m still here.

I don’t wish that this should be continuing to be revived, but I didn’t make this topic.

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