Aztec Jungle by KnightEix

Status: Whitelisted, Completed

Release Date: January 18th, 2020

Difficulty: Easy

Buttons: 4

Average Solo Completion Time: 1:11

Water Phases: Water, Acid, Lava

Part Count: 4,494

An ancient Aztec jungle, covered with trees and other flora, and a massive opening with a lake and an ancient Aztec temple sitting on a chunk of land sticking out from the walls

ID: 3577407138

Music: Super Meat Boy OST - Can o’ Salt


@Azuraic / Jiro Otter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHjnLLfimvs

@magicalbunny31 (same username on youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIvqCSFEm7I

@Fopdooodle (same username on youtube, also skip to 1:12) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml5cnOKAmKo

@FedeDoesStuff (same username on youtube, also skip to 10:08) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuMxRLnf55I


This is the start area, a small ravine-like rock formation, a waterfall, and a river leading to a massive lake. This is where the first button is

2nd part, where you get to once the wooden planks from the first picture fall. This is where the difficulty starts to pick up

3rd and most difficult part of the map. The 2nd button is located here

4th and final part. A giant broken stone bridge, leading to the temple (a ladder appears on the red line once you press the 2nd button). The 3rd and 4th buttons can be seen here

And finally, the end! The door on the floor (1st picture) opens up and you fall down into the end (the door at the end does not open)


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Epic map

will test out in a while

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Few things to take from this:

I love the look and style of the map, and I believe the gameplay is great.
This map has gameplay that can really fit into an FE2 map. Plus, the detailing is amazing and this should be included into the game one day.

One thing that this map lacks for an easy map is a relief ladder, or some kind of escape from falling into the water. Some of the platforms are quite difficult for an easy, and having no way to recover isn’t a very welcoming approach, especially for newer players.

I also love how the buttons are in good positions for sometimes easy platforming to harder maneuvers.
Although this is good, the last two buttons are a pain, simply due to the positioning of the trees. The second-to-last button isn’t that bad, but the last button combined with the odd positioning of the platform to get up to the button makes the jump almost impossible to do in 3rd person.

Here are my suggestions for this map:

  • Make some sort of relief exit from the ravine (can be jumps as well to still add a challenge).
  • Possibly make the last button’s platform a little further away from the final beam.
  • Add a barrier to cover the top of the map (I tested this to be sure, and you’re able to troll on top of the temple and just wait there until time runs out.
  • And maybe even add a state change of the water, to just add that much more pressure to hurry up.

Even though there may be some negatives, the positives out-weigh the negatives by a long shot. This map looks and feels amazing, and I can see you doing very well in the future. Also, you don’t even need to take my advice if you don’t think it should change! :smile:

Edit: this also took me like 12 minutes to write lol


it never even crossed my mind that people could wait on the top of the temple, ill be sure to fix that later. also, ill fix the last couple buttons and add some sort of way back up if you fall into the water, since i sometimes forget to put myself in the position of a brand new player when making maps, so i sometimes forget that not all players are good at the game


Either way, great map. I played through it many times and loved the first impressions.

But, like you said above, simply going into a public server makes you see how some people aren’t very great at the game, and they might not play again if they keep falling on the same jump, not being able to get back up on an easy map.

Glad you’re taking into consideration, and I’m definitely voting for this map! :slight_smile:


Design looks really nice! Appealing to the eye, not much sharpness in the terrain, it’s good. I’ll test it out later, see what I can find.

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Isn’t the music Sunset Temple’s old music? Lol

Anyways, the details look very good, especially, 3 first picture. But some pictures need some details as well. The scenery is really good and unique as well, I like the visual view. Although, the gameplay looks kinda risky, dangerous for Easy difficulty because there isn’t any safety ladders. I would suggest you to add ladders in 4th and 5th pictures, so it’s would be better for new people. The arrows placement is pretty well as well and not confusing. Hope your map will be recognized by people! :smiley:

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Aztec Jungle is really an amazing map, and it looks fantastic! I like the map. :+1:
The gameplay is fun, and it’s really exciting to play. The designs + details are splendid, and the assets are epic.

You deserve a +1 vote. Amazing job, Knight! :smile:


i just updated the map :smiley:

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Howdy! Now, this is a prettg good! I like the details in the map. I was playing the first iteration a few days ago when this post was launched and then played it again today. I found the small update very helpful to me!
Before the update, the fourth section was the hardest for me because of the placement of the trees and the leaves. They were quite annoying then. However, I see they’ve been reduced to be less annoying! The acid was also a good idea as you could use it to reach the buttons easier.
Anyway, for some feedback, the leaves on the trees (still, on the third or fourth button) could still be reduced a bit so that they won’t obstruct the camera; after the update, I can’t really find much else flaws other than what others have said already.

I’ll also relay this message ^^

…Also, I’ve recorded a video on this! I’ve scheduled it for Monday, so I’ll post it here when it launches…

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Awesome! Will definitely play it again to see the changes!

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alright here’s my vid

holy sugar honey iced tea
this is perfect
i would say
it’s bonetastic

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its epic
eerie ambience
ur best

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thanks! :smiley: im currently working on an insane map inspired by after abandoned lava mines and it will have really eerie and mysterious anbience (if i ever finish it)

whats the bgm to deadcility remake? im sure you did one

yeah i made a recreation of deadcility but didnt make a forum post about it since its not my map, but the bgm is gta 5 pause theme browski chilltrap remix

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Cool map :open_mouth:

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