Back cuz of local event script return 🦀 edited by DMinecraft lol


Hello, Michael228p here. As you can see in the title, I am planning to leave FE2(For leaving means not making maps anymore). I have mentioned some of the reasons in Crazyblox Discord. One of the reason is “Removal of LocalEventScript”. Some of you replied to me,”Leaving FE2 for just a stupid reason is very dumb.” Yes, LocalEventScript removed doesn’t really affect normal people, yet it is important to me.

When LocalEventScript was just added. I always told this to myself,”On one day I must use it very well.”

What is the use of LocalEventScript? Many of you can only think about “Shaking in Dark Sci-Facility” Then all of you are absolutely wrong. LocalEventScript can be used for many things, such as animations, camera manipulations, local parts/ sound etc.

Upon removal of it, it becomes just for basic scripting developers, but not advanced developers like me(I guess).

In my opinion, removal of LocalEventScript lowers the creativity very much. Many people have many ideas, but they did not use all the instances in MAPKIT(Including LocalEventScript). Also, I think that: People never wanted to use LocalEventScript are really not creative, I think they never step out from “Just Using EventScript” they never tried new things(EventScript is an essential for FE2, since LocalEventScript is just optional)

Let’s take a look at the ideas for my upcoming maps:
Endless Creativity

As you can see the ideas are creative, BOTH of them requires LocalEventScript, or even EventString USING forbidden phrases. That makes this plan CANCELLED.

Well, I am not giving up developements on FE2, I will finish all of them and leave FE2. Instead of developing Flood Escape 2 maps, I will focus on my game Ninja Rush. Some of you may know the game. Now, I am going to recreate it to make it better.

Here, I will thank two people and two groups here: KukkaiTH2, Purple_Guy121, TLC, TID. KukkaiTH2-Famous for making impossible maps. But before she is very kind. I can still remember: She is my first friend in Flood Escape 2. When I just join this community, I accept random friend request(I was Imfamous). KukkaiTH2 actively send me friend request, and I of course accepted it. We played together every day, keep practicing maps in FE2. This makes me more willing to join the Flood Escape 2 community. Thank you! Purple_Guy121-Known for making detailed maps such as Wonderful Land, Volcanic River. Yes, he is my first DISCORD friend. That time, his featured maps was “Sci Facility Ruins”. I could see the details were made so well. That encourages me to make to make more maps, maybe not just for getting Robux, and also entertaining everyone. I ask Purple,”Wanna build together?” That is how The Little Creators was born. I have made many glories with everybody in TLC: Chrominus Lab and Lockdown Mystery. I also know many people loves Chrominus Lab very much. Thank you! Both Purple and I admitted that, (No hate)After Lion had join TLC, TLC changed a lot for some reason, however, I am not going to talk about it here.

Some of you may argue with me because of this, still you never change my mind. I am very sure that I will quit Flood Escape 2.

In conclusion, I will leave Flood Escape 2 after I have finishing my recent projects/ projects that I have wanted to do for months.
— Tall and Thin (Cancelled: structure similar to Fairytales)
— Fairytales’ End
— TID projects
— Secret project with Purple
Thanks for all of you be with me for a whole year! Farewell.

Michael228p/ Michael228p_Dev


I don’t mind about the LocalEventScript being disabled and some forbidden phrases isn’t allowed anymore. It’s just an add-on for the game like visuals and it’s mostly not that important for a map. It’s also dumb if i leave for a reason like this. You just don’t get the point. It doesn’t mean i hate you, it’s just an invalid reason.

I get the fact you’re trying to be creative, but it doesn’t seem to be that important that much. You wanted to try inventing new mechanics for the game itself, but is it that important?

It doesn’t mean i would force you to stay, you just don’t understand, it’s because of the reason why would you leave. You can do whatever you want, either if you want to stay or leave.

To prove something that new mechanics and endless creativity, you can look at the aesthetics on some maps like Northern Cordillera, Cursed Jungle, Closing Hours, and Inferno Jungles.

Well, it’s just your behavior of not understanding, so see you :3.

This is my opinions. If you don’t care about it, it’s fine. It’s just, people be dramatic so easily. I just hope you get my point.

(Stop forcing me to read the whole thing, i already get the main point of the case. I know you’re still in with the projects of yours, just stop.)


See you michael

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See ya Michael!

It’s your choice if you wanna leave. :slight_smile: No-one can stop you making your choices!

Remember focus on your future and don’t stay on the past for too long!


See you!
Nothing is forever.

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:frowning: I hope you become successful with your game

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I’ll be your tester!

Ok lets stop


I didn’t even do anything to continue yet. You don’t get it, don’t you? Don’t just point out thing so fast without thinking, like why though? You can’t just force me like that.

ok, next thing i want is event yarn


tfw some R4 cartridge is responsible for taking away an amazing developer
it’s just sad to see you leave; not forcing you to stay though, you have an amazing developer potential inside of you and i think you should unleash all of that potential in making your own games. Good luck out there!


Welp, all your maps were very fun Michael. I absolutely loved Mechanical Lava Valley, Pixelated Facility and After the Glorious. For me, LocalEventScript was just an extra or something that can support my maps. But, its fine if you want to stop doing maps because of this. Everyone will end a day to make maps for fe2 and a thing that i know about it is when you leave or stop an obby or a task, there would be other ways to go, to see and to experience like making a game for example your game Ninja Rush.

Anyway, im going to miss your talented building skill Michael, and i hope your game Ninja Rush will get success and keep your youtube channel active too. See you again!

Your friend, Trilix/ tony333444

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But hey, it was such a good time to see you stay. Bye from now on

I just wanna be creative with my maps. The only reason I won’t use LocalEventScript is because I don’t have many scripting knowledges. So who said I am not creative?

Ah also, see you later on this forum page.

I want to see a localeventstring

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You can learn that by simply look at Roblox Developer Wiki tho.

It’s really sad to see you leave, because I enjoyed your map creations and how you are able to express your wonderful creativity through the map making(s) of FE2 maps. Yeah, I do agree that removing LocalEventScript is somewhat removing 1 of our legs, and now, EventScript. I am also planning to leave soon, but I’m not too sure, because It’s really hard for map makers like me to convert to EventString in like a few weeks whereas the new map makers are able to, because they aren’t attached to EventScript for long. Anyways, it’s sad to see you leave. Hope you’ll consider and probably join in 1 map collabs for FE2? Maybe.

Also to Crazy if you see this: DON'T remove EventScript, it's hard for some map-makers that are here for so long to suddenly adapt a new system and for LocalEventScript, why not have a whitelist system where only some trusted users can use it instead of barring everyone to use it??

Thanks for being a good buddy and a good friend through my journey in the FE2 community, we’ll miss ya!

-LionLai123 | 1:25pm GMT | -MapperLionn the Nebullion-


Yes i did really think of only trusted users can use LocalEventScript

its sad to see you quitting fe2 but hey im gonna still support you

i’ll test ur game c: