Beneath the Ruins Hole

How do you make it so the hole door closes and the lava rises even in the position in the hole when it closes?

explain further

changed question

Think i know what you mean. if you’re talking about the one with three buttons that looks like the first room from Future Ruins

Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map._LavaDoor,, 20, 0), 5, true)

Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map._Water1,, 50, 0), 14, true)

the hole direction goes down

thats sideways hole

show me a video

play beneath the ruins in map test and wait at the hole. you’ll see

Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map._ClosedDoor,, 0, 0), 5, true)

Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map._Water1,, 30, 0), 14, true)

Like this right?

what he meant is:

  • how is the hole at button 4 isn’t cover by lava, but become filled with lava once the lava rises

The lava just moves a little bit to the side to fill in the hole. So just move the lava like -5 studs either x or z

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just in case if you forgot, there’s no touching the lava inside the hole

ok, that was also used in my map before i even made this thing