Best map of each year

Basically. This post will mark 1 map that was the most popular in 1 year. This is only going for map test since it has a lot of maps. And there will always be one popular one. So let’s start.

Best map of 2017:
Core [Insane] By: ElectroBlast199

Best map of 2018:
Eradicated Facility [Insane] By: The Eradicated Devs

Best map of 2019:
Blue Moon [Crazy] By: disney12

Best map of 2020:
Lighthouse [Crazy] By: Guest_34821

Best map of 2021:
Fabric Thrill [Crazy] By: urmom6966966xddd

Best map of all time:

2017: core
2018: eradicated facility

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2019: blue moon

It is a fe2 map test map since it’s still playable in cm

Huge F for Rotate Room

Castle Tides

Best map of all time you say?

Torture - Copy


honestly there were a lot of good 2020 maps

i would say its a large tie between like 10 maps,