[BFDI] Battle for dream island section of the forums!

chat about bfdi here if u r into it


ok lol

btw theres something i beg to ask, why is leafy constantly bashed by all the other contestants when she has apologized all the time

ok odd post dispenser

I don’t know if there’s lot of people here knows about BFDI

ye there is

yay there’s a section about it

Battle for dream island

all of ppl who have watched which is ur favourite?
mine is spongy as u can tell by forum name

the one where the island is a dream


i already had a feeling lol

that actually who I based my yt, and forums and probably more on

lol firey sucks

i hate on how he’s getting far by using leafy as plot armor

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actually that is kinda what is happening
tho i do like the story, you ppl just suddenly like him lol

firey might not be using her but if he is im going to burn him in a massive fire

or use a fire extinguisher

Who asked for this is my question

you dont need to ask for something, and quite a few people did. people like bfdi here,

yeah “AZURAIC”