📢 Big Collab! [You can join!] [Awaiting People]

Hello all! I’m working on a new map and you have a chance to be in it!

So Here’s The Scoop.
You make a hotel room with these things

  • 1 Bed (2 if working with someone else)
  • Your name in the room
  • Your Roblox Avatar
  • An Enterance.
  • 1 Jump
  • Atleast 1 button

But you can also not make a room and i’ll make one for you!

If you wanna make a room someone, you add their name and avatar in the room aswell!

There will be 10/26 rooms. The ending is a big elevator that leads into another room.

Ok here’s the room spots.

Room 1: Occupied by EscapingBoi [Built by EscapingBoi]
Room 2: Open
Room 3: Open
Room 4: Open
Room 5: Open
Room 6: Open
Room 7: Open
Room 8: Open
Room 9: Open
Room 10: Open
Room 11: Open
Room 12: Open
Room 13: Open
Room 14: Open
Room 15: Open
Room 16: Open
Room 17: Open
Room 18: Open
Room 19: Open
Room 20: Open
Room 21: Open
Room 22: Open
Room 23: Open
Room 24: Open
Room 25: Open
Room 26: Open

Hope You Support This Map!

Also regarding submitting the model, either post it below here or dm it to me. Also please tell me that you are making a room before you create it. So i can confirm you.

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This is actually great idea, but 26 rooms? isnt that much?


I might only take 16 rooms to be honest
Edit: I use papers to brainstorm a lot of unique ideas. This was one of many examples.

im already making a hotel :expressionless:

Well it’s not exactly a hotel but it’s similar

Also it’s hard to get ppl because… Yeah. Alot of people reply without asking to join. I suspect only 5% will join /./

Also i hope this hotel map turns out good :slight_smile: !

That moment when your post dies.

Hi i am joe


your mom

Will anyone join???

Totally not a stolen idea from mega collab devs

Honestly never heard of them before? I’m not joking about this either. What maps are they known for?

Doors 3

Ok yeah it’s kinda inspired by that. But the theme is consistent this time!!!


people don’t usually join collabs, so just make a few maps solo. You don’t need to have multiple people. Plus you need to prove that you’re good.

I’ll have a think about it :thinking: