Bizzare Journey [WIP]

My 1st (it’s still a WIP because i haven’t finished scripting yet). But all I can tell you now is that you’re breaking into the broken facility, but you realize that was a REALLY BAD idea…
Ok now here are some pictures of the map:

[Room 1 - Entrance]

[Room 2 - Hallway]

[Room 3 - Dark Room]

[Room 4 - Storage (Not the safe room)]

I’m not showing the safe room now because i wanna make a series… like Enszo’s one.

This looks better than my first map ngl

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lets hope someone doesnt go out of control with the name

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You tried, and it looks ok!

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The outside area is meh, try’s making your own tree and make the terrain less empty and not squarish

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I dont think he might be able to do one so maybe show him a tutoriales

hey that’s a good idea

(he can always see fallenagk’s terrain tutorial so I wil make a tree one)


I need help with the buttons… I can’t script >.>
(oh yeah… the map is pretty short)


K, thx i’ll try to do that




BTW i still dont know how to script… ;-;