Blue Moon Fan Art

Literally a year ago. Also during school. The limitations of the colored pencils I received were limited color palettes and, you know, colored pencils.

Minor detail flaws:

  • The lava is much closer to the ground than it really is. Light drawn in its surface is added poorly.
  • The opening bridge was poorly made.
  • The support structures in the opening bridge are poorly made.
  • The lines from the opening gate caused by SelectionBox instances were not present. The gate and its nearby surroundings are also poorly made.
  • Terrain was poorly made.
  • The pipes above button 2 are nonexistent. They were on every public version preceding the July 2019 buffs.
  • I assumed that random building housing the early solar panel things was wedged. They weren’t.
  • The random building housing the early solar panel things had a structure below. This doesn’t exist in versions preceding the June 2019 nerf. The building itself is also poorly made.
  • The lava walls early in the second bridge is poorly colored.
  • The bridge before the staircase leading to button 7 is wobbly.
  • The pipes preceding the staircase before button 7 were flat.

very nice!

Ahem I see grass

On the moon