Breaking the ice (Forum Game)

Did you hear about the new son-
No! Not that breaking the ice! I’m talking about Breaking the Ice!

Basically what you can do is break an ice cube in a way of your choosing. The next person can either break the ice cube further, or repair the ice cube in anyway you want. For example,

Person 1 : I threw the ice cube off a building and it broke.
Person 2 : I stepped on the ice chunks on accident.
Person 3 : I stuffed the snow (aka crushed ice) into an ice cube tray and it made a new ice cube.

The only thing you need is imagination!
I’ll start :
While making this forum game, my elbow broke the ice cube.

does anybody understand this forum game?

my divorce broke the ice cube

I ice skate on the ice cube and die

my taxes broke the ice cube

rEmInDinG inAnimAte iNsaNitY

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i smashed the ice cube to a wall

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I smashed the cube into your big big big head

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alternoobive’s big big big head repaired the ice cube



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the ice cube landed on the pointy bit of the letter I and broke in half


The abused I from pixar movie destroys ice cube

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I need ROUX to buy me a BIG BIG HEAD then im gonna call myself BIGGIRL

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reference to bigboi

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But your already a dude .-.


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sh00k you are a dude your very eyes have deceived you are a dude it was a secret your parents have kept from you from the start. Now traveler find the witch to undo the cruelty to turn back into a lady


What the hell

Ok I’m fine with being a dude B)


not really

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You’d actually be fine being a dude?

Yes your trans young traveler find the witch to undo the curse that has been set upon you since birth!