[BrwGD’s General Post]

Oh, hi. Glad to see you here! Here you see random stuff and also random videos about games other than FE2, because that’s what you would expect from me: videos.

First order of business: BIG PAINTBALL!1!


Why is this such a trend?

Because people needs general posts in life lol


It started with Astro, he made his post almost 2 years ago and a few months ago I decided to make one

After that, a full trend started

-alter’s general post
-harrus general post
-vis general post
-dminecraft general post

Should I do one?

Actually scratch that.

Watch Big Paintball, you will probably laugh, maybe…

I’m having that question too…

yeah now i’m not making one lol

Useless forum chat group in Roblox lol

Another useless video.


Now I’m going to yeet this video on you.


I’m posting too many videos bois.

Look what I found.

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Very ded.

Hewo soob tuw poopideypai

Boot wai???

Boot wai??