Brwinpa’s QnA

Hello, everyone! This is my QnA, inspired by Phexonia! This is where you can ask me questions and I answer them! Go ahead, ask me anything! (Anything that is FE related or just plain Roblox related)

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are you big chungus
does iron man die in endgame
is thanos red
does carefulscary have a scary monster in his bed
do you have not 666
what music do you listen to lol


yes copy and paste :sunglasses:

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I am not answering those since they are not FE related.

aw D:

irla or kayo (sorry if i sound like self advertising)

Who is “kayo”?

KayoLuvsMayo / kitkatkayo

search maps like simplicity/ overdrive revamp/ the overflow revamp from 2018 and 2020 because she made those

also not to mention my building is based of her

also that my maps are inspired by that person lol :joy:

basically she made maps like these

I think I like Irla better.

I prefer kayo more tbh

I’m not offended.

If you have questions, please ask! I know there are some questions out there!

overdrive revamp or the overflow

  1. Overdrive Revamp.

i also like this so far but the overflow isnt bad tho

What is the most annoying sound you ever heard

  1. The word “oof” repeatedly.

for me its small kids crying and screaming with joy

and just beside my house there is this kid who makes so much noise that i would rather watch anime rather than listen to a minute longer of what is going on outside