btnFuncs and non-btnFuncs Functions

Hallo. Your local dummy here. I am currently making a map right now (I might finish it if I don’t lose inspiration lol) and I am just wondering. If a btnFuncs function and an EventScript function (not triggered by a button) fires off simultaneously and affects the same part ("_Water1" for example), which will be executed first? The non-btnFuncs function or the btnFuncs function, or will they both be executed at the same time? (note: assuming that both the non and btnFuncs function are the same; MoveWater, Water State, Color, etc.). Ik this was a lengthy and maybe hard-to-understand question, but it would be greatly appreciated if you can respond to this question.

Chill Face Man

If I’m correct, it only depends on the time or the line order placed when called from a script.

If both do get called at the same time, it would probably function the way you’d expect them to.

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