Buffs and joke maps are too problematic

So as you guys might know there are lots of buffs, joke maps, and unoriginal maps such us bruh moon, beanos, and much more. But the problem is those maps are just too popular that they completely wiped out actually good maps. Many people quit fe2 because of this situation.
This causes so much drama and unexpected things. However, I saw people and YouTubers calling those map makers brainless and stupid (which I totally disagree). Hating on those maps are alright because it’s people’s opinion. But HARASSING the map makers are TOTALLY NOT OK because it’s not right to do. You can just not play those maps and stop giving them attention.!


Here are my solutions to fix this problem:

  • YouTubers should spend more time making videos about original and good maps.
  • There MUST be a new solution for people to not get others map model to stop people from buffing maps.
  • Delete some of those unoriginal maps from the community maps (If the community really wants to)
  • Add a “maps to play board” in the fe2 community maps game to help people find and play good maps in the game.
  • People should share good maps to there friends.
  • YouTubers should stop making buffs video.
  • And much more solutions can be done to stop this situation.

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it isn’t “becoming”, it already has been a problem over the past few years.


I’ll fix it

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I don’t hate people who make buffs, joke maps whatever. I hate the fact that they do, and that the majority of the FE2 community only pays attention to those type of maps.


joke maps are cancer

These buffs occured since 2018 when Aspa and Jinflared made Oof-Sci Facility. I’m annoyed by these, even if I don’t make these anymore. I still despise them even if they are challenging. People are just trying to be tryhards like alex28901 just so they could just make it a jtoh-themed game. I’m actually sick of these people who makes cruddy maps like Blue Moon, Overdrive, and other buffs that could make EVERY single one of these people leave the community for good. Why not we put a stop to these buff and joke maps once and for all, and make Flood Escape 2 a better community that doesn’t involve toxicity, drama, buffs, or anything that could make the whole world crumble?

Who’s with me?


I agree
But ppl should not harass them

Unfortunately the FE2 YouTube demographic likes to watch pros be pros, not good maps. Maybe there’s another way? Instead of making videos on super hard maps, videos on confusing (but good) maps?

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I’m with u

Totally agree

you know this has been going on since 2018 there’s literally nothing we can do about it


Didnt u see this?

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that’s basically what I personally agree on

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i think that it is a good idea for crazy to feature maps liked by the community in-game

and yes, you still shouldn’t harass the map makers.


I disagree for the sake of April Fools, however, for the rest of year, yes.


i personally agree with these one, there are tons of map makers/youtubers that have potential but buff makers bury them by making impossible and stupid buffs. But if it was for april fools i guess that is a good reason to make a buff.

100% agreed. it just makes me so baffled about people like zura making buff videos and literally profiting off them.


Zura be like: I played GARBAGE maps in FE2! I’m totally not promoting these maps and getting them seen and brought to the community while overshadowing new and good creators! Nope, not at all!


the worst part about this thing is the youtube community who keeps making videos on these types of maps, which encourages people into making more of these, which is basically what the person above is nutshelling

if the yt community focused on recording actually good maps then people wouldn’t have any encouragement to make these maps

in conclusion, what i’m trying to say is that the only villain here is the youtube community, and don’t think that i’m defending the creators of these maps, either, they’re as much in the wrong as the yt community is.



reviving because amogus is just very slightly sus

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