Bug found on Roblox Studio

This isn’t related to FE2 or anything but it’s about the Roblox Studio “Overwrite an Existing Asset…”

I’m sure you have heard of this on DevForum by the link https://devforum.roblox.com/t/unable-to-upload-to-certain-models-using-the-new-configure-asset-window/331409

As you can see, if you have saved above either 12-25 models, other model overwrites are not loading. This is a bug that is common in Studio and will probably be fixed soon


(this is scrolled fully down. i have currently saved more than 25 models)

So how do you fix this.

I am unable to figure out how to fix this but as soon as Roblox fixes Roblox Studio, the application will hopefully. If any one of you is receiving this bug, please report this to Roblox.


I already reported it but roblox tried to help me in around 20+ messages but failed :joy:


I hate this so much, it’s broke about 3428762397239 times and it’s just a bruh moment.

I bet it’s part of the viruses they have in the roblox system that they mentioned. What ever it is, it really needs a fix.


no lol it’s probably just a bug

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This is happening to me too but literally 3/4 of my models are garbage obby-creating essentials I made in 2018 before i found FE2


then roblox really likes bugs has this has happened a million times lol


basical truth lol


yeah that happens to me as well.

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Patch exploit engine mostly

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this bug is really annoying me (probably everyone else too) because I cannot access my older models and that’s where most of my map models are saved


Not sure, that’s a bug. Some DevForum member must have to report this bug issue.


we did it millions of times

when it happened the 1st time


oh my god will you ever fix your studio, roblox

THis is why I can’t update all of my maps even they are already updated. That bug has been here for a long time since there is a big update of this. Which that makes me want to take a long break from updating FE2. ROBLOX didn’t fix it and I still don’t know why, I wish they could notice and fixed it already

guys you realize i still have this bug from 4 months ago

well its worse

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I have no problem on this. Even though I have many models

lucky you

now its worse for me.

it added me every model i had deleted from studio, and now it blocks my map slots