Bug report

so, i found this bug where if i press button 1 on this map, it automatically causes the entire intro (door and water) to be unanchored and uncancolided


can you post your eventscript

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note: it automatically uncancolides and unanchors if a button is pressed

what about intro’s descendants
make sure to capture EVERYTHING

the intro is completely fine https://gyazo.com/f1e164eef367b387cb0da294551f49e1

your issue is that one of your parts is named _Fall1, which causes everything in the intro to fall because crazyblox doesn’t check the type of the tags

rename it to something like __Fall1

ok makes sense

if that doesn’t work just rename the part to whatever you want lol
as long as it isn’t a tag

The post its not useless and its great.

But, Fe2 have a Bug Report category.

You know there’s a category for bug reports

The creator of the map gave the doors and water an ObjectValue, and named it _Fall(number), probably.

If you know his username, then just contact him to fix that via messages.

And no, it’s not a bug :neutral_face: