Buried Remains ⚠️ | Insane

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ID: 4617081077
Status: Initial Release
Part Count: 1,212 (262 Meshes, 56 unions, 894 Parts)
Music: ManelNavola - Mysterium

⚠️ Map Details ⚠️

This map is set inside a work-in progress facility. Nowhere near finished but the company owner is still forcing its workers to continue. The owner couldn't find any new land to build it on, so he opted for it to be built on top of his previous one. During particularly heavy workforce, one slight step could bring any one of its workers to their demise.

⚠️ Map Changelog ⚠️

  1. February 11th, 2020: Forum made; made the base foundation for regular map upgrades.

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⚠️ Model ⚠️

Play the map! Give me your feedback in the comments!

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sorry for the sloppy effort. it was a revamp of another revamp i did of this map. special thanks to JonTheMiner, i just redid it. i will add more detail in future renditions.

delta map = instant vote


owo nice a vote for u

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Oops I accidentally played this map like a month ago when it was in other ID

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Ooh very nice

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Holy cow its guuud

This is such an overdetailed map.
You got my vote! :smiley:

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It’s not over detailed but ok

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the start is so hard

My thoughts (As of February 17 2020) :

  • Generally the spawn is supposed to point in the direction of the first button, or in the direction of the path you take to get to the first button. I think rotating the spawn at the start could make the map seem more fair.

  • I know you try to signal that walljumps are activated when the beam starts moving, but no other map makes this distinction and it could confuse new players. It would probably be better to do something more obvious like a color change.

  • The difficulty is inconsistent. The yellow rooms are on par for an insane (a little easier than DSF), but the final blue room is harder than Blue Moon!

  • Finally, the last room is pretty empty, and the exitregion is in a spot that took me a little while to find. I would try shrinking the accesible area or make the exitregion a little bit more obvious (like making it transparent ).

Overall however, this map has excellent gameplay and good detail!

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Doesn’t look that sloppy imo