Burning Ruins (Final Update is here!)

Status: Finished, Working on revamp now)

Map ID: 3273777211

This is my first map made by myself.

10/26/19: Buffed and Revamped a little.
4/12/20: Classic Version Returned
4/12/20: Nerfed alot.

Pictures of the map:

V.1 (When the map was first finished)

Revamp V.0.5

New Pictures with Voxel Lighting

Bonus Picturess
Burning Ruins in Legacy

Map Info:
Creator: InocularGaming (Me)
Difficulty: Crazy
Status: Finished.
Map Model: https://www.roblox.com/library/4890912381/FE2-Map-Burning-Ruins-CLASSIC (Classic Version)

Please give me some suggestions please. This map still needs some improvements.

the terrain could be more improved, try maybe using sphere meshes to make the landscape more unique and differed

like i did in here

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I look at that and it reminds me of my garbage floating platform


lol ok

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what even is this

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I guess it’s pretty decent for a first solo map.


this map is pretty good for a first map, but the terrain could be improved

Well your idea with the terrain did help my map terrain look better. Thanks

A few textures are overused but its preeeeeetty great

this looks very good

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the swimming section triggers me

It triggers me also. The wall jump to the button.

Could make the revamp better. All I did is just rush it.


Mercy I’m just a left handed player who can’t even do sinking ship

I’ma go ahead work on the huge revamp which will include more detail and a new room in the map. (Also buffing it more)

You have good building skills. I have to say the 1st picture looks very cool. But other than that, the other pictures looks kinda bland. The wall details are too overused. Instead of just neon stripe, you can add something else. The box looks very weird tbh, you can revamp the box lmao. The last picture then uh… bland wall details. Ok thats all what i have to say.
Details: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Overall: 7,5/10
Hope you can improve your map.

Ima test it and give feedback

Oh wait I already tried but died many many many many times

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Burning Ruins Classic Version is back!
Also if you want to test the revamp, well here it is: 3664854021 (this is a temporary id and this Id is used to test upcoming maps, also may contain other maps in this Id)

Also there is no ldm version for the revamp. Some people said the map was laggy. Also I am planning to make the burning ruins classic version, free to take, since that version is probably incomplete.

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