Burning Ruins Final Update notes, and poll (please vote for music choice)

Burning Ruins Final Update will come soon!
What will the last update include:
Nerfing the map (Again)
Secrets (May be added or not)
5th button should now drain lava in tower room.
8th button will be nerfed in vent 2
Hot Pipes that kill you in last room will be removed! (So you can jump on the pipes now)
Improved platforms in last room.
More boxes in last room(idk what decoration to add)
Improved terrain in outdoor area!
Fixing Door Closing quick in the bottom of the tower room.
Door Opening in tower room will be removed (Where the bridge is)
Adding arrows (So people can know where to go)
Improved platforms in Tower Room (Maybe)
Adding Fire around the map (So it fits with the map name)
Adding a Map Image (Useless but ok)

And finally new music:

Since idk which sounds better, here is a poll:

  • Old BTR music (Current)
  • New BTR music
  • Revamp Music (The music being used in the major revamp which is GTV 5 - Fresh Meat
  • Waterflame - Invaders

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These updates are coming only for the current version of Burning Ruins.
Classic Version will not be updated.

This used to be a reply on the Map Post, but I deleted it after.

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I feel like Waterflame invaders is good for the map it fits it pretty good (It fits a map that is based on fire.)

ummm annihilated academy uses that music and for me it doesn’t really fit sooo

? Wdym

you can’t understand what i am saying

It’s a good song and when you play burning ruins you start off in a room then a vent room filled with fire then go to a vent I think then a big facility (I forgotten the other rooms)

it doesn’t really fit imo

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The music does fit, but in the current version it really doesnt. If the poll reaches 30 votes in total, I’ll pick the most voted one.

Ok the falling vent/breaking vent in spawn room will be removed.

Now the vent will just move up when pressing first button.

Also picking New BTR music. also music choice will change if that music choice is no longer the most voted and the other is.

Also I’m not updating classic version. That version is the legacy version of burning ruins.

Most of the votes on the music have the same number of posts. Please vote so I can pick one.

Hey, sorry I selected fresh meat, but count that as old btr, because I now don’t agree with my opinion, because after listening to it 3 times, it sounds lame.

Ok. Later on or unexpectedly. I’ll change burning ruins BGM to old btr. Since I was gone. The results were that music choice. So it’s gonna be changed unexpectedly so expect that

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